Is it hot to practice when you are not feeling so hot?

So here we are in a very mild winter again and also at the height of cold & flu season, but should you come to class?

I know you might want to come sweat it out, right? And you think you can’t miss a day, "I'm on a challenge!". However, even though you might think you are helping yourself, it’s more important to ask the question: "Is it right to practice around my yoga neighbors and expose them to what I have?"

So here are some guidelines to consider:

(Before class)

If you are achy, have a fever, or a persistent cough it’s best to rest at home.

But probably even an easier guideline is this: Can you breathe comfortably through your nose? If the answer is no, skip class.

You hear us time and time again say only nose breathing so it keeps your heart rate at the appropriate level.  Mouth breathing accelerates your heart rate. It can put you into a flight-or-fight response, and when you are sick your blood pressure can be elevated already so it’s not good to increase it even more.

(During class)

If you do ever have to blow your nose and can’t throw it away in the moment, please place the kleenex on a washcloth or your mat instead of the floor. We want to keep our carpets as clean as possible. And we know it's not the perfect remedy, but everbody’s contribution does add up.

If you do start coughing uncontrollably it’s always ok to leave the room, if necessary.

We know things are going to come up that are unexpected, and it’s ok. Just keep practicing mindfully wherever you are. You help your neighbors and they will help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Namas J

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