New to our studio?

We want you to know this yoga (and our studio) is right for you, and we believe to do this you need to take more than one class.  So, if it's your first time doing yoga with us, we invite you to practice as many times as you want in your first week for the cost of a single class ($17), or if you're up for more of a commitment try the 30 days for $49 first-timer special.  All other pricing of class cards is linked here.

You don't need to make a reservation to attend one of our classes.  But it's super easy to use MindBody for an online option.

Our studio is located inside Urban Body Studios, where you have access to lockers, water fountains, bathrooms, showers, hairdryers, etc.  We have plenty of parking in the back, however on days that there is a lot going on we also offer free Valet parking. We rent mats for $3, and you always have towels to shower after class. Besides Urban Body Studios we do share our space with another great business Primed, and their clients need to shower as well. To help keep the laundry down for the facility we do appreciate you bring towels to practice. If you forget them, fear not. We never want you not to come because you don't have towels for class. It's ok to use the Urban Body towels from time to time, we just asked you be mindful of it.

Check out the pictures below:

Dress in light, non-restrictive clothing.
Men - shorts, biking pants, swimming trunks.
Women - sports bras, shorts, tank tops, etc.

Water Bottle - we encourage people to bring their own water bottle (because we like to be mindful of our plastic consumption).  S'well Bottles are available for purchase at the studio.  Please no glass bottles. 
Water - free filtered water available in the Urban Body common room.  Fiji Water is also available for purchase. Please no drinks other than water in the yoga room.  
Yoga Mat - if you don't have your own mat you can rent or purchase a mat at the studio.  
Towel - a large towel (or multiple towels) to completely cover your mat (beach towels work well).  Yogi Toes are also available for purchase.
Lock - If you want to secure your belongings in a large locker in the change room you must bring your own lock.  There are, however, postbox-sized lockers with keys for small items (i.e. wallet/purse/keys/ID).  Alternatively, we have cubby-holes in the Be Hot reception area, and we lock the studio door while we are in class.

Be Hydrated - make sure you drink enough water before coming to class.
Empty Stomach = a Better Class - avoid eating 2-3 hours before taking class.
Arrive Early - first time students please arrive at least 20 minutes before class starts to allow time for registration, questions, etc.  The door opens 30 minutes before the class time, and is locked as soon as class starts.

Lotion & Perfume - the heat will makes lotion and creams slippery on your skin, which makes holding many postures difficult.  The heat also intensifies smells and this can bother the people around you, so we ask you to remove perfume, cologne and scented oil before entering the yoga room.
Make-Up - we encourage removing make-up before class.  The heat and sweat can make it to run down your face and into your eyes.  There are washcloths and basins in the bathrooms where you can do this.
Stuff - no cell phones, keys or wallets inside the yoga room.  These need to be left in the change room lockers or the Be Hot cubby-holes.
Clean Bare Feet - no shoes or socks in the yoga room.
Chewing Gum - not in class, please.
Secure - the Be Hot studio door remains locked for the duration of the class, so anything you leave in the reception area is secure.

Let go of expectations as you enter the yoga room, bring an open mind and trust the process.  

This is a new journey for you.  

Let it happen.  Come try it.

You are going to feel better.

Have any more questions about our studio that you would like answered before you arrive, use our online form below, or if something else is pressing just call or text one of the owners Jason @ 678.428.4436 so we can help you as soon as possible.

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